Unsettling things about The Hunger Games we only now noticed

Disturbing things about The Hunger Games we only now noticed

In 2012, people everywhere fell in love with the first film adaptation of the Suzanne Collins novel series, The Hunger Games. The young adult dystopian which takes place in an apocalyptic world where minors are forced to participate in a game of survival may have been filled with plenty of drama, action, and romance – but there were also a few things about it that weren’t quite right.

[post_page_title]Katniss’ sacrifice[/post_page_title]

One of the most memorable scenes of the first Hunger Games film was when Katniss Everdeen volunteers herself as a tribute so that her sister, Primrose, doesn’t have to fight in the games.

Katniss’ sacrifice

While Katniss’ decision was certainly brave, we can’t help but wonder why everyone witnessing this was so shocked. Are we really supposed to believe that this scenario has never happened before? It just seems unbelievable that this was the first time an older sibling stood up to protect their younger brother or sister.

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