How Star Wars changed geek culture

One of the most important films ever, Star Wars, has made a tremendous impact on culture. For example, terms like “the Force” and “Death Star” are very recognizable even among non-fans of Star Wars. But how Star Wars changed geeky culture?

Legitimized sequels

Even though sequels had always existed in Hollywood, they used to be very cheap and not of great quality. For example, prior to Star Wars, making a sequel wasn’t considered a great idea by many people. The only exception is the famous sequel to the Planet of Apes with Charlton Heston, which was a major sci-fi hit in 1968. But after the first Star Wars sequel, the idea of producing a follow up film became a great option.

How Star Wars changed geek culture

Changed the tastes of geeks

Star Wars gained a lot of fans, and it wasn’t just your usual movie. Instead, it led to a franchise of clothing lines, posters, books, toys, TV specials, and so much more. In fact, the combination of the movie and the related merchandise began to change the whole world. It made a great impact for many generations; it became a multimedia experience.

The film influenced culture and artists

Many artists were influenced by great TV shows or films. For example, tattoo practices were evolving quickly towards a culture where tattoo artists created unique art pieces for different individuals. It’s all about those geeky artists, many of whom were deeply influenced by the Star Wars phenomenon, that Star Wars characters and themes started to show up in art everywhere.

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Changed the film industry

The original Star Wars movie and its two sequels were great hits when they were released, and in their success they established the template for the modern blockbuster. Actually, they served as great inspirations for the next action films. In addition, Star Wars laid the foundation for what Hollywood looks like today and it actually changed the entire film industry.

How Star Wars changed geek culture

Expanded the fictional universe

Today, Hollywood is obsessed with the idea of expanded universes. For instance, Hollywood loves stories that exist in the same fictional reality. Even before the sequels existed, many film creators conceived the films as existing in the midst of a sprawling science fiction reality. Lucas built the idea of a wider universe into the trilogy in several ways. From the very beginning of the first film, the script made constant reference to various external places and people.

Became a great cultural phenomenon

Many studios wanted to mimic the great success of Star Wars, but with no luck. Actually, Star Wars became even bigger in scale through the years. With seven movies, many TV shows, and more than 45 video games, it has left its mark on the world. Like top celebrities in Hollywood, this amazing sequel had an impressive beginning. Lucas wished to make this film and he really had to work very hard in order to convince the studios to support him. Finally he managed it, even though some studio executives weren’t very supportive. This film wasn’t just one simple story, but it was instead a film that was full of stories

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