Reasons why physicals books are better than digital reading

The 2000s saw the advent of tablets, which ushered in e-readers like Kindles and iPads. These devices were taught to revolutionize how readers would enjoy their favorite books and novels. No doubt they did so, but the digital reading gurgle seems to have burst if the latest figures are anything to go by.

Digital reading is a force to be reckoned with in the book publishing industry, but physical books still dominate in the consumers’ spectrum. Why are paper books still prevailing these days while we have technology at our fingertips? Well, let’s find out the reason physical books are better than digital reading, despite the boom in technology.

Reasons why physicals books are better than digital reading

E-books are tedious to read

Staring at a bright screen for an extended period is not only tiring but can end up causing damage to the eyes and the brain. According to a 2005 research from Sweden, readers need a higher cognitive workload to read digitally than on paper. Additionally, reading from an LED screen at night is likely to interrupt sleep patterns. A Harvard study conducted in 2014 concluded that readers who read e-books with LED displays at night ended up sleeping worse and getting more tired the next morning. You might want to opt for screens that have no backlight to help you read an e-book.

Physical books are pretty easy to share

Physical books are hands down perfect for passing along. Virtually everything you read gives you something unique to gain. And when that thing thrills you, you can always pass the vast knowledge on to the next person andquot; family, friend or colleague. Physical books also make meaningful gifts. I remember my dad bought me a hardcover copy of Cosmos by Carl Sagan. It gave me the true meaning of how this earth started; and where we are headed. I have also received a physical copy of Bill Bryson’s book, which talks about Shakespeare’s life, as a gift.

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Books can limit reading comprehension

A West Chester University study discovered that middle schoolers who read on iPads had a reduced comprehension level compared to their counterparts who used traditional printed books. More often than not, students skip text to view the interactive features presented in digital books, including game-type interactive graphics. From this study, it is clear that specific multimedia in e-books can distract children. In essence, this distraction is detrimental as far as studying is concerned. Not all interactive features are bad, though. Some digital books have special interactive features that can enhance the comprehension of the text.

Reasons why physicals books are better than digital reading

Physical books promote better health

Numerous studies have uncovered the impacts of books, both electronic and physical books, on health. As per these studies, physical books are better than digital books when it comes to enhancing good health and longevity. Several reasons are provided to back up this claim. First, e-books emit harmful LED lights that can end up affecting the sleep patterns of the reader, especially if read until late into the night. Secondly, reading a physical hardcover copy facilitates better mental health and the feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Read a physical book today and gauge the difference as far as your health goes.

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