Everyday things with hidden features we weren’t aware of

Going about our everyday lives sometimes has its challenges. We come across so many problems on our day-to-day, and have to either come up with a creative solution for them, or just live with the fact that some things are just uncomfortable. But little did we know, some of the things we use every day actually have features that can help us navigate through these problems with ease – we just never realized it until now.

Suddenly we’ve become unburdened with questions like how to keep our straws from flowing up inside a soda can, and how to measure the correct amount of pasta to cook. Our lives have been transformed. These common household items have some pretty surprising hidden features – and some of them are literally life savers!

[post_page_title]Toblerone chocolate [/post_page_title]

This legendary Swiss chocolate is just as famous for its delicious taste as it is for its very unique shape. Most assume the triangular chocolate bar is supposed to emulate the Swiss alps. But the reasoning behind the design was actually more about function than honoring the famous mountains of Switzerland.

Toblerone chocolate

If you simply push at the top of the triangle, inwards towards the rest of the chocolate bar, it breaks off very easily and without you getting smudged chocolate all over your fingers.

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