Girls discuss how they’re treated differently with and without makeup

Charlotte Green

Let’s be honest; there are two kinds of girls in this world. There are those who love nothing more than to paint their faces every single morning with their makeup artistry, and there are others who would rather not. Of course, there are no rules or regulations when it comes to makeup, but there’s no doubt about the fact that society has their own thoughts and opinions on what women look like with or without makeup. Because of this, women made their way to Quora to share how they are treated differently with and without makeup, and it’s fair to say that the results are extremely interesting…

[post_page_title]Abbey Miranda[/post_page_title]

Abbey finds that people are surprised by her real age when she wears makeup, even though she doesn’t see a huge difference between her appearance when she does and doesn’t wear makeup. When she does decide to put a full face on and doll herself up, she often finds that she is hit on by men who are much older than she is.

Abbey Miranda

They seem to think that she is older than she actually is, and they seem to think that that’s enough reason to approach her and try to win her over.

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