Things only adults noticed in Frozen 2

The secret to Anna and Kristoff’s relationship

It’s hard to imagine a sequel that was more anticipated than Frozen II, considering the success of the first film in 2013. When it was released in 2019, children all over the world were ecstatic to see the return of their favorite heroines. While there’s always a lot to take in with Disney animated films, here are some things that only adults would notice about Frozen II.

[post_page_title]The secret to Anna and Kristoff’s relationship[/post_page_title]

As with all Disney films, we’re not privy to what goes on between Anna and Kristoff behind closed doors. But we do get a little hint at the end of the film when everyone dresses up for Anna’s coronation. As a rugged outdoorsman, Kristoff finds it hard to feel comfortable in his fancy duds. Anna consoles him by saying he only needs to wear them for 1 hour before adding, “I prefer you in leather anyway.” If you found yourself smirking at this line, you’re not alone.

The secret to Anna and Kristoff’s relationship

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