These celebs can no longer afford their luxury lifestyles

[post_page_title]Nicolas Cage[/post_page_title]

It once seemed as though Nicolas Cage was just about everywhere we turned thanks to his number of hit movies, such as the adventure franchise National Treasure, the sci-fi action movie Face/Off, and the action thriller Con Air. His time at the top meant that Nic was soon splashing out on luxuries like a private island, a Gulfstream jet, and a host of exotic animals. Sadly, it wasn’t to last.

Nicolas Cage

It turned out that Nic owed the IRS a whopping $14 million for all of those unpaid taxes. As if that wasn’t enough, the actor’s ex-wife handed him a $13 million lawsuit in 2009 before Nic was sued later in the year for the millions of dollars he owed to a real estate company. Now, rather than starring in all of the top selling movies, it appears as though Nic is looking for a way to fund all those debts.

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