These celebs can no longer afford their luxury lifestyles

[post_page_title]Lisa Marie Presley[/post_page_title]

Being the daughter of Elvis Presley might make it easy for people to assume that Lisa Marie Presley has life made for her. Unfortunately, it appears as though the star was about to find out what life was like on the other side. Lisa was in the middle of her divorce back in February 2018 when it emerged that she was $16.7 million worth of debt, according to the official divorce documents.

Lisa Marie Presley

Apparently, Lisa had been able to rack up so much thanks to a defaulted mortgage and a host of unpaid credit card payments. Eventually, Lisa was involved in a huge legal feud with none other than her financial manager as she claimed it was his mismanagement of her fortune and negligence that led her to so much debt. Now, Lisa is hoping to reclaim $100 million as a result.

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