Photos that prove New Orleans is one of the most unique places in America

Photos that prove New Orleans is one of the most unique places in America

Unique regional holidays, delicious soul food, and an almost religious adulation of all things spicy are three big things that New Orleans is known for. Straddling the Mississippi River and with centuries of distinct culture from all around the world, the small city-parish breathes life and energy into the rest of the Louisiana swamplands.

However, while they love doing things big, not everything is easy to explain in The Big Easy. There’s plenty of fun, sure, but there’s also a pretty dark history regarding this colorful and magical place – one that’s just waiting to be discovered. Here are some photos that prove New Orleans is the craziest city in America!

[post_page_title]Party time[/post_page_title]

You can’t mention New Orleans without bringing up their most famous festivity, the Mardi Gras celebration. Derived from the French phrase for “Fat Tuesday” (the recognized day before Lent, where many people binge on forbidden delights in preparation for this upcoming fast), this holiday is a celebration of all things going big.

Party time

Throw on your most flamboyant food fest outfit and show the world you won’t forget your love of cupcakes, pastries, and all the other snacks you’ll regrettably have to put off all week!

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