Our favorite women of the ’70s – where are they today?

Our favorite women of the ’70s – where are they today?

The seventies were a simpler time – of hippie clothes, huge hair, and world famous starlets. Over the decade, numerous women made it big in TV and film, becoming some of the most famous and adored stars in the world. Some shone brightly before fading away, while others have maintained their careers over the years.

[post_page_title]Lynda Carter Then[/post_page_title]

Lynda Carter is most well-known for playing the role of the superhero Wonder Woman in the seventies TV show of the same name. Carter played the heroine for three years, and was made a household name by the show.

Lynda Carter Then

[post_page_title]Lynda Carter Now[/post_page_title]

Since appearing in ‘Wonder Woman’, Carter has continued to act, appearing in films like ‘Sky High’ and TV shows like ‘Hawkeye’. However, Carter’s main focus has been making and releasing music – having released five albums since 1978.

Lynda Carter Now

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