The luxurious cars and bikes of the British Royal Family

Getting around

When you’re in the Royal Family, you have to do a lot of traveling. From world tours to local obligations, the royals barely have time to sit down given how busy they are. It’s a fair price to pay for all the fame and fortune that comes with their position, but it’s still hard work. Thankfully for them, they’re not short of vehicles to help them get from A to B when they’ve got duties to fulfill.

Pretty much every member of the family has at least one car at their disposal if not half a dozen. Even the Queen has her own car, despite the fact she doesn’t have a driving license. You’ve got to spend all that money on something, right?

Of course, you’re not going to see Prince William or Harry driving around in a Mini. Their vehicles are usually top-of-the-line and robust to ensure they don’t get into any danger on the road. Then again, they can’t be seen in anything too flashy. That pretty much defeats the purpose of not being spotted.

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When was the last time you saw a member of the Royal Family on public transport? Probably never, because the royals only ever use it once in a blue moon.

Getting around

If they need to get around, they’ll use their own private modes of transport, whether that be planes, trains or automobiles. They can afford to travel around in pretty much whatever they want, which means they’ve amassed some pretty nifty vehicles over the years.

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