Hilarious photos of ‘polite’ graffiti that totally miss the mark

Hilarious photos of ‘polite’ graffiti that totally miss the mark

Graffiti often takes many forms – murals, dramatic pictures, and of course, tagging. Here are some hilarious, ironic and absurdly comical street-art and graffiti tags which definitely deserve admiration – if not for the artistic talent, then definitely for the wit behind them! That’s the fun of graffiti, it’s an opportunity for a reaction when you least expect it, creeping up on you when you roam the streets, turn a corner and see something out of the blue that triggers a smile.

[post_page_title]The apologetic vandal[/post_page_title]

Despite having ruined a completely finely painted brick wall, this sheepish vandal at least showed some small element of remorse in his mischief.

The apologetic vandal

A spray painted scrawling of “sorry about your wall” may not really be considered to be classified as your standard street art, but the tongue in cheek irony behind this sarcastic message definitely makes you chuckle, which was most probably the intention of this apologetic artist. Well, at least he said sorry!

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