The hilarious cast of Married with Children – where are they now?

Married With Children portrayed a family of odd and often unlikable characters with a completely dysfunctional dynamic – but with plenty of humor and heart. And the amazing ensemble cast capturing this dynamic is what truly made this show such a success. Let’s take a look at where these talented actors are today.

[post_page_title]Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy[/post_page_title]

If there was a main character to the show, it would be Al Bundy. He’s the father, the everyman, and much of the show centers around his life. He plays the role of father, husband, worker, and unlike other famous husbands in sitcoms, he loves a cold brew, has a love-hate relationship with his wife, and often flounders when it comes to his children. He’s a shoe salesman, and often thinks back on his youth and wishes he had done more with his life. Who can’t relate to that?

Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy

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