Funny Snapchats of Kids Throwing Tantrums About Silly Things

[post_page_title]‘But mom, the dishwasher has a hole!’[/post_page_title]

Little did her mother know that her daughter was actually trying to follow the bunny with a stopwatch, muttering, “I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!” who then hopped into the dishwasher. Oh, didn’t you know? The rabbithole has now shifted to this lady’s dishwasher, as Lewis Carroll is now penning an updated version of Alice in Wonderland. What, he’s long since passed? Well then… we wonder what that squirming little rabbit was thinking about when he decided to hop into the dishwasher. We doubt we’ll ever get to know about it, either.

‘But mom, the dishwasher has a hole!’

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