Funny Snapchats of Kids Throwing Tantrums About Silly Things

These kids took things to the next level with their tantrums. Heck, one even cried about her parents giving her exactly what she wanted. Let’s take a look at some really bizarre reasons why kids pulled the wailing card, and how their parents reacted to it.

[post_page_title]This one isn’t even gold plated![/post_page_title]

Honestly, we can’t really blame this kid – this bridge really is a deceptive one. Why name a bridge The Golden Gate Bridge if it isn’t even made out of gold? And if that’s too expensive, they could’ve at least painted it gold instead. We can only imagine how excited this kid was to see an actual golden bridge with his own eyes – and his disappointment to see a regular old iron bridge instead. Someone give this kid a refund!

This one isn’t even gold plated!

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