40 Hilarious Times People Made Embarrassing Math Mistakes

40 Embarrassing Times People Were Caught Making Math Mistakes

There is a reason why math isn’t for everyone, and it’s pretty hard for some people to wrap their heads around. With that in mind, these people probably should have double-checked their figures before making these embarrassing mistakes for the world to see.

[post_page_title]One month at a time[/post_page_title]

After coming up with a new marketing plan to bring in new customers, this gym must have been confused about why no one was taking them up on their offer. Perhaps if they had checked their math before getting this billboard made, they would have realized the error of their ways.

One month at a time

It’s no wonder people continued to pay for their gym membership on a monthly basis, rather than paying more upfront than needed. For 18 months, customers would pay $180, so paying $199 upfront is a very bad deal.

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