31 Years Later: The Cast Of Family Matters Today

After it first aired in 1989, ‘Family Matters’ became a super popular sitcom for American audiences, especially seeing as it was one of the first shows to feature a predominantly African-American cast. To this day, it’s still one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

[post_page_title]Jo Marie Payton – On the show[/post_page_title]

Jo Marie Payton was, of course, the actress who played Harriette Winslow, the bossy but sweet-natured mother of the Winslow children. The character of Harriette was first introduced on the sitcom ‘Perfect Strangers.’

Jo Marie Payton – On the show

However, producers knew they had to keep her on screen in some way or another. Harriette is a wonderful mom figure, and was often dubbed a fan favorite from the very beginning.

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