These Snapchats are evil, but also pretty hilarious

These Snapchats are evil, but also pretty hilarious

Whatever our intentions were when it first became popular, nowadays, social media is a wasteland of ruthless roasting and taunting jokes – and that’s just how we like it. It feels good to be bad. Case in point: these Snapchats, which put the ‘devastating’ in ‘devastatingly funny.’

[post_page_title]Long live the king[/post_page_title]

This snap is painful less because it’s a harsh joke, and more because it brings back traumatic memories. After all, who doesn’t risk immediately breaking into tears when they think back to ‘The Lion King’, and the fate of the lion monarch Mufasa?

Long live the king

If we saw our cats doing this we’d want to make sure that they didn’t have any long-standing and simmering feuds going on – and that there weren’t any wildebeest herds hanging out nearby.

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