Only a thrift shop would sell these funny, unusual items

[post_page_title]That certain smell[/post_page_title]

Some items that come into the thrift store can be tough to sell. Not everyone likes the idea of wearing someone’s used aftershave. That is until you add a little intrigue and mystery to the sale. Avon has been around for many years, and many of us have fallen for their incredible fragrances in that time. However, this box appears to have been around for quite some time. Could the scent really have aged well?

That certain smell

Rather than letting people try the bottle for themselves, it seems as though this thrift store has come up with their own selling technique. While we’re not quite sure we can imagine the smell for ourselves, we’re certain that someone out there is willing to pay $9.99 to find out. If the description was correct, it could be time for this salesperson to find a new job as an ad writer.

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