Only a thrift shop would sell these funny, unusual items

Only a thrift shop would sell these funny, unusual items

Whether you love to look for a bargain or you’ve been inspired by Macklemore’s hit song, thrift shops have become one of the best places to find just about everything you need. From clothes to furniture and everything in between – it seems as though nothing is too much for this unique type of store. Here are some of the most unusual things people found…

[post_page_title]A magical crystal[/post_page_title]

Some people need proof before they believe anything. After all, it’s pictures or it didn’t happen, right? However, it seems as though some are happy to use their imagination and willing to hope that some things are grander than they might appear.

A magical crystal

This crystal might look like an ordinary addition, but place it in an old box and label it with a little intrigue, and you could soon find yourself with the next best thrift shop find. Whoever wrote this label certainly looks as though they were keeping positive for some magical powers. It seems as though someone will have to buy to it see if the rumors could be true.

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