Millionaire told he couldn’t be the father of his 3 boys because he’s infertile

Millionaire told he couldn’t be the father of his 3 boys because he’s infertile

We’re often told to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s honestly hard not to. Our brains seem to be wired this way, of making snap judgements about people even if we’ve only just met them. It does have a tendency to make things easier, as it allows us to categorize them. However unavoidable that may be, it does lead to some mistakes. Imagine, for example, a wealthy web entrepreneur. While his marriage was troubled, he had three sons that meant the world to him. Looking at him, you might think he has the perfect life. But that couldn’t be further from the truth…

[post_page_title]Living a lie[/post_page_title]

If you happened to visit Richard Mason’s study, you’d find photos of his three boys littering the walls. Like any dad, he looks back fondly at these memories of moments spent together as they were growing up.

Living a lie

Twenty-one years after his eldest son’s birth, however, this 55-year-old British businessman’s life was thrown for a loop. He discovered it was medically impossible for him to have fathered any of his boys. And, just a second before, he was told he suffered from cystic fibrosis, and was essentially living on borrowed time.

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