Hilarious Harry Potter jokes that aren’t just for fans

To this day, Harry Potter remains a ubiquitous concept in popular culture with its numerous spin-offs, widespread tourism sites, and commonplace references toward the series. Here we have compiled a list of hilarious internet memes that prove Harry Potter jokes can crack a smile out of fans and non-fans alike.

[post_page_title]Look at these Lookalikes![/post_page_title]

This Twitter user shared some snapshots of strangers on public transportation. The resemblance between these people and the Harry Potter characters is uncanny. Anyone could recognize Dumbledore’s famous long white beard, Hagrid’s curly brown locks, and of course, Harry’s big, round glasses and pensive look. Is it just a coincidence, or was the cast really transported to the modern day? I guess we will never know – they were right to call it “The Mystery of Russian Public Transport.”

Look at these Lookalikes!

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