Big mistakes made in some of our favorite films

Big mistakes made in some of our favorite films

While watching your favorite film, if you squint your eyes and look close enough at the screen, you might just spot a slight mistake that the editors failed to notice. Believe it or not, there’s hundreds of Hollywood movies with continuity errors and historical inaccuracies that are so darn obvious it’s ridiculous to think they were never spotted in the first place.


The 1995 epic war-drama ‘Braveheart’ was nominated for ten Oscars at the 68th Academy Awards, five of which it won, including Best Picture. However, it also came under serious fire from historians criticizing the accuracy of William Wallace’s choice of attire.


The film is set in the 1300s, yet Mel Gibson’s character is seen wearing a Scottish tartan-style kilt, but in reality, these weren’t typical attire until the 1600s.

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