WWE fan signs that were a total knockout

Professional wrestling is essentially a soap opera, but instead of being filmed on a set, it’s shot inside a ring. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the leading promotion of the sport, with millions of fans across the world. Wrestlers put their bodies on the line each time they step in the ring but it’s not just for a paycheck, they do it because they love it and they feed off the reactions of the fans. Without the fans at a wrestling event there would be no atmosphere, and without the atmosphere is it really worth it?

One way the fans get to express their support for the stars is through the signs they bring into the live arenas. Making them at home, the signs often are a shout out to their favorite star, but sometimes they take a turn for the strange, wonderful, and hilarious. Wrestling fans are known for their sense of humor, and these signs are the most hilarious ever brought to a WWE event.

[post_page_title]It is pretty great[/post_page_title]

It’s hard to argue with this sentiment. Cheese is pretty amazing, so if this kid wants to go to an arena full of people and express his deep love for his favorite dairy product then who are we to stop them?

Wrestling is sometimes criticized for being a bit too cheesy and over the top at times, so maybe this fan is just saying that they know what they love is cheesy, but that doesn’t stop them from loving it all the same.

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