Are wireless headphones taking over the way we listen to music?

Wireless technology has been gradually making its way into the mainstream over the years, and at the moment it has already replaced many wired options. Technology gets less bulkier each passing year, so it’s no surprise that wired headphones are being replaced by wireless ones.

In fact, they have been in the scene for quite some time, but never really matched wired headphones in performance quality. That’s the main reason the wired type have been around for so long. However, as the years went by and advancements were made, the best wireless headphones can now hold their own when it comes to such things as sound quality.

Are wireless headphones taking over the way we listen to music?

Some years back, some major phone companies started releasing phone models that lacked the headphone jack, and when Apple did the same with the iPhone in 2016, it became official. Wired headphones were on their way out and wireless headphones were taking over. Tech companies shifted their attention, now producing wireless products more than ever, and improving their quality to ensure that they came close to wired tech as possible.

Here are some of the reasons why wireless headphones are gradually becoming more preferable than wired ones.

One of the most unflattering things about wired headphones are the cords. They have a way of getting in the way, tangling and eventually getting damaged which calls for replacement. One is always on the lookout to ensure they don’t dangle into dangerous places, or that they’re not being stepped over. Wireless headphones bring along none of these worries. There are no wires to deal with, so they’re more convenient to use.

Wireless headphones bring more freedom to do other things while still enjoying your music. With wired ones, your phone is always in the way because of the wired connection. However, Bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to music even while away from your phone. They can work for up to 33 feet from where your device is.

One of the main reasons many people still use wired headphones is because they have an undoubtedly better sound quality production than wireless ones. Their wired connection to the device is more stable than the over the air connection of wireless ones which can be interfered with. However, wireless headphones are catching up, especially those using Bluetooth 4.0 or later versions which ensure a more seamless connection. If one is willing to spend on a pair of really good wireless headphones, they can get as good sound quality as that of the wired ones.

Are wireless headphones taking over the way we listen to music?

One of the biggest downers with wireless headphones are the fact that they require power to operate, unlike their wired counterparts. Only the best have good battery life, which can last for up to a day. Others can only last for a few hours, after which recharging is needed. This can be very distracting. Some wireless headphones come with the option of a detachable wire to use when there’s no power to enable Bluetooth. This is one sector where the wired headphones still have a hand over the wireless ones, but if you get a pair with great battery power you can have a great experience.

It’s without a doubt that despite the fact that wired headphones are still around, wireless ones are taking over the scene and how we listen to music.

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