Will & Kate’s new titles and other changes that will happen when Charles is king

Will & Kate’s new titles and other changes that will happen when Charles is king

The British Royal Family have been around for years, and we can’t get enough of them. We like to think of ourselves as ‘experts’ when it comes to the royals, given that we know almost everything there is to know about them. Their family is so surrounded by rules, traditions, and regulations that it is hard to know who stands where. This all gets a little more complicated when talking about the line of succession, especially when a new baby is born into the family. As the longest-reigning British monarch, it will be a tragedy when the Queen passes away, but it will also be a confusing time. When this day comes, and Prince Charles becomes King, what will happen to the likes of Prince William and Kate? Quite a lot, as it turns out…

[post_page_title]The history[/post_page_title]

For centuries, the Royal Family have been the center of British life. They’ve ruled with nothing but grace and love, so no wonder they have fans in not only their country but across the entire world.

The history

They have been given a very popular Netflix show, called ‘The Crown,’ whereby people can see what has happened throughout the history of Queen Elizabeth’s life – even if it is a Hollywood version of events. The 92-year-old monarch has reigned for a long time, so it is no wonder that people have begun to wonder what will happen once she passes away.

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