Who are the kindest superheroes?

When you think of superheroes, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of caped crusaders who cause a *little* bit of ruckus for the greater good. Sure, they might smash up a city as they jump from building to building, joyride along the highway, smash windows, and cause a few fires, but at least they save the city, right? Yes, superheroes put the lives of others in front of their own, and they put themselves into the center of the action to not only showcase their epic powers but to also showcase their kindness. The villains have all of the bad vibes, but have you ever wondered which superheroes are the kindest?


I mean, do we even need to explain this one? While there are many people out there who will always vouch for Superman rather than Superman, we actually believe that Supergirl tips the scales on this one. That’s because she managed to fit into life on Earth extremely well, even after spending most of her life on Krypton. She was able to witness the horrors of our world from above, and that didn’t put her off. Supergirl knew that she wanted to help, so that’s exactly what she decided to do. Even if she couldn’t help those that she really wanted to help – such as her own friend – she put her good qualities to good use by saving those she didn’t even know. She couldn’t get any more selfless if she tried.

Who are the kindest superheroes?

Green Lantern

Whether you know him as Green Lantern or Kyle Rayner, there’s no doubt about the fact that this man has a heart of gold – or green. After numerous struggles over the course of his life, the Green Lantern learned that strength and violence don’t always reign supreme. Because of this, he has dedicated his life to using logic, reasoning, and ethics to save the day and resist those who try to oppress the world. He has led teams of superheroes, he has worked alone, and he has even joined various different alliances, and he’s always stood out as one of the kindest. In fact, we don’t think that there is another superhero out there who has the compassion that this guy has. He’s a testament to all superheroes.

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Okay, so he may have an extremely dark sense of humor, and he might live his life as a violent bounty hunter, but here us out here. Deadpool is constantly on the lookout for those who have done wrong to the world, and those villains who put the rest of the human race in jeopardy. Only when he finds these villains does he unleash his wrath because he wants to protect those who are innocent victims in the world. As if that wasn’t enough to persuade you, those who have read his recent comics will know that after bringing a daughter into the world, he decided to hide his secret life from her to give her a normal childhood. That’s pretty kind, right?

Who are the kindest superheroes?

There are so many superheroes out there, and although most people assume that they are all kind, that’s just not the truth. That’s because there are countless superheroes out there who do their bidding for their own gain. The kindest superheroes are the ones who save the world because they want to. They have no motive, they have no ulterior plan, and they just want to help.

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