What it’s like to work for the Royal Family according to palace insiders

Admit it, you’d love to be a member of the Royal Family. They lead such luxurious lifestyles it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t, but unfortunately, most of us can’t be a royal. That doesn’t mean we can’t get close to them and one way of doing that is to become a member of staff at Buckingham Palace.

Palace workers spend their days looking after the Royal Family and know more than most about what goes on behind the palace walls. These staff members know what the Queen likes on her toast in the mornings, how Meghan Markle likes her baths, and what Prince Charles is really like. The public can only dream about knowing intimate royal secrets, but palace workers don’t have to, they see the action unfold in front of them. Not that they are supposed to say anything. Palace insiders don’t always keep quiet though, and here are some of the secrets they’ve spilled over the years.

[post_page_title]Living in close proximity[/post_page_title]

Palace staff get to live closely with the royals, meaning they see what goes on their daily lives. Housekeepers, butlers, and royal aides all get to live among the royals. That means living close by to be on hand anytime a Royal Family member needs something.

Living so close means they get to see everything that goes on, but not everyone is allowed to meet them. Staff who only work with the family over the summer are kept away from them and will only get to meet them if they become permanent staff.

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