The weirdest fast food menu items

The world is wide, and so is the variety of food items and drinks it has to offer. The presence of thousands of cultures and ethnicities all over the world is an assurance that everywhere you go, you’re sure to come across a food or drink that you’ve never seen, tasted or even heard of. Things you never thought were edible. And sometimes cultures come together and produce original items, making even more variety.

Thanks to this kind of diversity, there has been some food items over the years that are nowhere near the usual treats that people are used to getting at fast food outlets. There’s that snack everyone knows and comfortably eats, then there comes some that you’ve probably never heard of before, and which when put side by side with common fast foods such as cheese burgers and fries look like crazy uneatable combinations.

Weird as they may look, most of these are delicious, others even trending thanks to their absurdity. In this article we’ll look at the weirdest fast food menu items that have ever been on offer at fast food outlets all over the world. Some of these were from international fast food outlets, so you can be sure a lot of thought and expertise was put behind there creation.

Chicken porridge

Chicken is a pretty common fast food that a lot of people grab everyday. Most people have porridge fixed somewhere in their daily diets, and rice is quite common too. What’s weird and not common however is a mixture of these three. Or rather, a mixture of rice and chicken to make porridge. This might sound very odd to you, but KFC Singapore serve up steaming bowls of rice porridge filled with chicken pieces and people there get it for breakfast. Unusual, but sounds like quite the powerful breakfast.

The weirdest fast food menu items

Premium Kuro Burger

Burgers are popular fast food items. There’s a variety of options offered in fast food outlets, but not the kind that you’ll get at Burger King Japan. This one, named the Kuro Burger, is all black. Black sauce, black cheese and black buns. It’s the furthest thing you would imagine when you think of burgers, but it’s totally edible.

Colorful pancakes

Pancakes… Another common, everyday snack at the breakfast table. But there’s nothing ‘everyday’ about iHop’s Grinch Pancakes. Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Movie, the breakfast chain put on offer bright green pancakes (yes, you read that right) decorated with red candy Grinch hearts. Food couldn’t get much weirder than a plateful of bright green pancakes, but you could as well decide you’re having a colorful start to your day.
Outlets are definitely not over producing weird items from time to time, so you can always be sure to get something unusual for your taste buds if you don’t mind all the weird colors going around.

The weirdest fast food menu items

Berry burgers

Again with Japan. The Burger King over there seems to be putting all the twist they can to everyday burgers. Their other oddity is Berry Burgers. On this one, there’s black pepper-mixed beef patties topped with bacon, then covered in berry sauce. And no, not blueberry sauce or raspberry sauce. It’s a mixture of all berries plus red wine. Sounds interesting.

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