Vertigo comics just waiting to be adapted to television

While the world seems to be in a bit of a comic book craze, it mostly seems to be thanks to the adaptations into the big screen. Of course, comic books were still amazing before that, the stories just reached fewer people than they do today. However, there are still some pretty amazing comic book stories out there that would look fantastic as a television series, and there’s more than enough scope to do it. Here are some awesome Vertigo comics that would look great on TV.



This series has an interesting concept, it focuses on a guy named Sam, who ends up reliving his days but with the most peculiar twist. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like groundhog day. It starts with Sam living through one of the most horrendous days ever; he accidentally ends the life of his boss’s ex-boyfriend, experiences Seattle being destroyed as well as Avian flu breaking out. However, the next morning, he discovers he is in a world where none of that happened. From then on, he has to live through every day twice, just like that, until he meets someone going through the same strange phenomenon.



If you’re fascinated by alternative ideas about the future, then this take on the future of American society will be right up your street. Imagine there is a second civil war, and it absolutely decimates various cities. The war is between the United States of America and the ‘Free States of America.’  In light of today’s political climate, many have found it quite a compelling read; it would also make for a fantastic TV show, and we think many people would get behind it.

Vertigo comics just waiting to be adapted to television


‘The Crusades’

This is a relatively new and exciting construct when it comes to vigilantes taking justice into their own hands. Despite the title, it’s not actually set during any of the Crusades. Instead, it’s an 11th-century knight who finds himself in modern San Francisco. If you’ve seen ‘Enchanted,’ then you’ll be pleased to know it’s absolutely nothing like it. Only kidding, the concept is a little similar, but there’s far less singing. It’s an interesting juxtaposition when it comes to justice and would make quite the compelling show on our TV sets.


‘The Unwritten’

This comic plays around with reality and has both the character and the reader questioning reality. Tom Taylor is the son of a famous author, who also happens to be missing. His father has written books about a young man who is also a wizard and goes by the name of Tommy Taylor. However, the plot takes a dark turn when Tom has been kidnapped by a fan who has gone beyond obsession, the events make Tom question whether he’s a real person, among other things.


‘Proposition Player’

There seems to be a lot of stories that talk about heaven, hell, angels, and demons. However, this story takes a dark turn when the main character, Joey Martin, strikes a deal without knowing the consequences. It starts with Joey being brought in to Vegas casinos to make games a little more interesting for everyone. However, he ends up winning a bet that somehow leaves him responsible for the souls of 32 different people. Martin then ends up in the middle of a bargain between Heaven and Hell and has to untangle some dangerous mysteries in order to figure out what happens next.

Vertigo comics just waiting to be adapted to television

Safe to say that, once they stop focusing on remakes or whatever else it is TV producers are getting up to, they’ll turn their heads to these comics for some A-class material.

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