The most underrated NES games

There is an inexhaustible library of games on NES, so most gamers are nowhere near sampling all the great games the system has to offer. As happens with any platform, there’s a narrow group of games that everyone knows and has played. These popular games overshadow everything else, and not necessarily because they’re the only great games on the platform. Popular games such as the Mario titles and Nintendo games steal the show, while the rest remain in the background with little attention.

Nonetheless, it’s not just the popular games that are good. Some of the unheard of, less played games are just as good as the popular ones. Most of these get overlooked because they were released at the same time as some really well known games, and therefore never got the attention they deserved. In the list below, we’ll look at some of the most underrated NES games. These are well developed, engaging games that never really got to be in the spotlight. Why not give them a shot?

1. Adventures of Lolo

Adventures of Lolo was released in 1989 by Nintendo. A creation of HAL lab, this game utilized the typical storyline of a princess in trouble getting saved by a hero. This basic idea was then used to develop a game with Lolo’s sliding puzzle block gameplay. The game consists of 50 stages with increasing levels of complexity as you move the blocks to complete the stage.

The most underrated NES games

2. Adventure Island

This 1988 Hudson Soft game was a case of a good game getting overshadowed by stronger competitors at the time of its release. Adventure Island has everything a great game should. In addition, it is difficult enough to offer gamers a good challenge. Adventure Island is also much different from most of the other titles on NES, which are mainly off-shoots of the more popular games. The originality makes it an exciting choice, as it requires players to learn many skills in order to control Master Higgins.

3. Crystalis

This 1990 production is one with a strong, interesting storyline. It’s set a century after all of civilization was destroyed in the course of a nuclear war. An evil empire now rules the world. Crystalis is a role playing game whereby you’re an amnesiac warrior who wakes up from a cryogenic sleep. Your duty is to save the world from this evil reign. The quest involves acquiring four swords that will help you save the world, and it never gets boring.

4. Tiny Toon Adventures

Based on the Looney Toons, Tiny Toon Adventures features the younger versions of characters from the former. For instance, the blue rabbit on the game, Buster Bunny has a personality that mirrors that of Bugs on Looney Toons. The game has graphics that are simply some of the most impressive produced by NES. Enabling you to switch among four characters, it never gets less than exciting.

The most underrated NES games

5. Kari Warriors

Kari Warriors consists of two commandos shooting at waves of enemies. As a gamer, you get to see most of the screen as the commandos are operating at an overhead angle. It’s quite challenging, and involves helicopters, vehicles, and tanks.

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