Underappreciated movies of 2019

2019 was an exciting year for movies. With several live-action remakes, to long-awaited movies that bust open the box office, the movies of 2019 provided great entertainment to many. But some of the movies of the silver screen and popular internet streaming services may have flown a little under the radar despite them being something to write home about. The following list features some of these underappreciated films that may not have had as much publicity as the big names, but still struck a very positive note with those who watched them.

Alita: Battle Angel

This movie, which is directed by Robert Rodriguez, is an adaptation from an anime series. Generally, this strategy is a risky one, because many such adaptations have fallen hard on their faces. But Alita: Battle Angel certainly succeeded in impressing its fans and viewers with its exhilarating special effects and incredible casting. The story is quite complex: the main character, Alita (Rosa Salazar) who is a cyborg (robot-human hybrid) is found by a scientist in a junkyard in a dodgy part of a futuristic metropolis. The story is set on Earth in the year 2563. Alita is restored and begins to recall what happened to her in her previous life…

Underappreciated movies of 2019

The Kid Who Could Be King

This 2019 movie puts a modern spin on the story of King Arthur. It follows the adventures of 12-year-old Alex Elliot (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) who finds out that he is the only person on Earth who can wield the sword of King Arthur, Excalibur, now passed down through the generations. It’s his destiny to stop the evil sorceress Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson) with the help of his friends (and former nemeses too). The movie did not raise as much money as expected, but critics and viewers alike praised it for its excellent balance of sentimentality and innovation.

In Fabric

It’s difficult to pull off a horror-comedy, but that’s exactly what the writers, directors, and cast of In Fabric did. Sheila Woodchapel (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), a disgruntled divorcee goes out to a department store to find a dress for an upcoming date. She is greeted by a strange fellow that convinces her to try on a gorgeous flowing red dress. Despite her apprehension, the store clerk convinces her to take the dress. Little does she know that the dress is cursed. It is involved in a series of events that create sheer havoc in the community. For those who have a slightly darker sense of humor and love a classic horror, this show is a must-watch.

Underappreciated movies of 2019

The Report

This very serious movie stars Adam Driver as Daniel J. Jones, the U.S. Senate investigator who looks into the C.I.A.’s tactics on gathering intelligence post 9/11, many of which were suspected to be very underhanded. Critics praised the movie for its strong cast who were able to depict the serious and dramatic encounters and overall provide a very entertaining movie.

Dark Waters

Mark Ruffalo plays Robert Bilott, an environmental lawyer who takes on the massive task of going up against the Dupont Corporation. This giant of a corporation has been hiding secrets of dumping harmful chemicals for years. Bilott is tasked with connecting Dupont’s dubious dealings with victims affected by them, even though he is usually the lawyer defending such companies. The case is difficult with many twists and turns and the end of the show leaves viewers nervous and slightly unsettled…

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