Umbrella Academy: 7 Easter Eggs fans missed

Whenever a film or TV show has been adapted from a written material or other source, it’s only normal for fans to be on the lookout for similarities, some which may not be obvious unless one is really looking. It’s quite exciting to be able to identify small details that allude to the source material, but fans do not always detect these little pieces of information. And there’s nothing that makes a fan feel like a super fan than being able to recognize every other Easter Egg in a given show.

Here, we’ll go through 7 Easter Eggs that fans missed in the Netflix series Umbrella Academy, which is an adaptation of a comic book.

Umbrella Academy: 7 Easter Eggs fans missed

1. The Red Gas Masks

Some allusions are pretty obvious, like in the case of the use of red gas masks in the Umbrella Academy. These gas masks are found in Dallas, Volume 2 of the comics. The Commission, a temporal agency sent its assassins on a mission to kill Number Five. These assassins wore red gas masks. In the TV series, the time travel hitmen wear these same red gas masks.

2. Pogo’s Revelation

Hargreeves works on many advancements on humankind in the comics, alongside some for chimpanzees too. He granted Pogo along other chimps advanced intellect. In the show, when Pogo alongside the members of the Umbrella Academy gather for Hargreeves’s funeral, Pogo connotes that he owes everything he is to Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Fans who have not read the comics may not get the deeper meaning to this, as the show does not show that Hargreeves performed advancements on all chimps. Those who have read the comics however get the real drift.

3. Kraken

In the show, Number 2 is only known as Diego. However, he was also known as Kraken in the books, thanks to his methods when it comes to assassinating people. Some other characters are actually referred to by their nicknames from the comics, such as “Space Boy” Luther and Allison “The Rumor”. However, Diego’s comic name isn’t entirely left out. In the boxing gym where he participates in some matches and where he’s also staying, there are posters for his bouts with “The Kraken” all over them to show how he fights.

4. The Eiffel Tower Newspaper Clipping

In the first episode, Klaus is going through his father’s desk in search of things he can sell. Behind the desk there’s a mantle with a framed newspaper clipping on it. The news article is about the Eiffel Tower. Fans who have read the comic will immediately recognize the subject of the article. In the comic book, the Umbrella Academy stops an attack on Paris, and discover that the Eiffel Tower is a spaceship. This is the incidence that the news article alludes to.

Umbrella Academy: 7 Easter Eggs fans missed

5. Mystery Woman

Viewers who are attentive detail will notice that there’s a woman who happens to appear on multiple instances throughout the series without ever really taking any role. She’s at the bank robbery, shows up at the bowling alley and interacts with number Five, at a rave and when Klaus activates the suitcase on the bus. She appears throughout the years, and it’s still not clear what her deal is with the Umbrella Academy.

6. My Chemical Romance Video

One of the most hidden Easter Eggs is an allusion to the comic author’s work with his music band My Chemical Romance. Vanya is at rehearsals in the third episode and there’s a shot that shows outside the window, where it’s beginning to rain and a group of people open their black umbrellas. One blue umbrella with a title card on it isn’t opened however. This is similar to something found on the band’s ‘Helena’ music video.

7. Number Five’s Sandwich

In the show, Five’s meal of choice is always a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. Fans of the comics will recognize this as his exact comfort food in the comics.

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