The legend of ‘Jungle Pam’ – the sweetheart of car racing in the ’70s

The legend of ‘Jungle Pam’ – the sweetheart of car racing in the ’70s

Drag racing has always been popular, and while it’s now known for amazing outfits and hilarious one-liners, the original drag racing involves putting the pedal to the metal. Jungle Pam was the sweetheart of the drag racing scene back in the 1970s, and she became a global superstar.

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Jungle Pam made a name for herself in the world of Funny Car drag racing. The main difference between Funny Car racing and regular drag racing is that the engine can be found on the outside of the cars.

Funny Car racing

Pam joined forces with “Jungle” Jim Liberman on the drag racing circuit to become one of the most famous partnerships in racing. Now it’s almost impossible to look back at the drag racing scene from the ‘70s and not think of Jungle Pam.

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