Is technology helping future sports?

Technology is constantly getting better and better, but how much of an influence is it having over sports? Athletes appear to be getting better all the time, but how much of that is down to changing technologies? We’re looking at how technology is helping future sports.

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The first thing that people have been able to do with better technology is to find more data about sports stars. Now we can place wearable fitness trackers in the cleats or clothing of top athletes and see exactly how much work they’re putting in. Add to that the increased number of cameras at sporting events, and coaches can figure out strengths and weaknesses in their athletes.

That means sports stars have more knowledge to make them better and the better the tech gets, the younger people will be exposed to it. Imagine a high school athlete with the knowledge of a major leaguer. As we can track what’s happening in an athlete’s body in real time, their coaches can continue to make them better and better. There is almost no limit.

Better results

Look at the Golden State Warriors. They are a prime example of how technology can improve the fortunes of a team thanks to their analysis-driven approach to basketball. It seemed that pretty much overnight the Warriors became one of the all-time great NBA teams and that’s all down to what they do with the data they get.

Players know what the best percentage plays are while the front office at the Warriors can use a Moneyball strategy to bring in young hungry talent.

Injury prevention

For years people dismissed the effects that concussions had on players, but now we know the seriousness we can change. The technology used in the helmets of football players is getting better and better, which in turn makes the players safer than ever before.

Technology makes the calls

If you look at sports like tennis, then you can see just how important technology has become. The Hawkeye technology can follow the trajectory of the ball which means fewer calls are incorrect from the line judges. Sports all over the world are beginning to embrace technology which helps to take away some of the pressure on the referees or umpires.

We have 360°cameras which can capture all of the action, spotting incidents which officials might have otherwise overlooked. With so much riding on big events, it’s important to get the calls right as it can be the difference between success and failure at the top level.

Is technology helping future sports?

Enter eSports

Of course, technology is so advanced now that we have people competing in video game events. Sporting franchises are associating themselves with some of these gamers as competitions are set up in their name.

For instance, soccer simulation game FIFA has professional players who represent professional teams and compete on their behalf against other teams’ representatives. Sports franchises are going electronic, and maybe one day in the future that’s where all sports will go.

Technology can only help to make sports stars better in the future. With more information and video evidence of every play, coaches can improve players much quicker than ever before. Now athletes can be the complete package much sooner, and it’s all thanks to technology.

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