The superhero movies we all want to see but probably never will

We all know about superheroes. We grew up watching and admiring the heroic individuals that flew into the danger to save the day, and the truth is that we still admire them. Every time a new movie comes out showcasing superheroes like Batman, Superman, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Ant-Man, Deadpool, or Ironman, everyone is at the edge of their seats.

There are so many superheroes that we could never possibly exhaust all of the storylines and characters. So, we have compiled a few of the superhero movies that we are dying to see, but probably never will. Some of these are just our own ideas and some were actually about to be produced at some point. Such movies never came in to existence due to various unfortunate events or bad planning.

1. The Asgardian Empire

We all know that Thor Odinson is currently the powerhouse of the Marvel cinematic universe and that he is also the king of the Asgardian empire, or at least what’s left of it. However, there is still so much that we don’t know about Thor and the Asgardian empire. After all, Thor is 1,500 years old and the Asgardian empire is even older. It would be nice to see the Marvel Comic Universe create a movie, or maybe a series of movies, that addresses the origins of Thor, his people, and his powers.

The superhero movies we all want to see but probably never will

2. Justice League: Mortal

Right after the release of Batman Begins, in 2009, DC decided to release the first Justice League film. They hired George Miller to direct the movie, featuring Armie Hammer as Batman and DJ Cotrona as Superman. The movie’s script was written, the costumes were designed, and the film sets were constructed before the producers realized that the cost of the movie would be over $300 million. It’s a shame the movie was never produced – it would have been a sight to see and it would have been interesting to see how different DC would be today had the movie been released.

3. The Avengers vs. The Justice League

Superman vs. Captain Marvel; Spiderman vs. Flash; Iron Man vs. Batman. An epic showdown between superheroes would make any fan tremble with excitement. Batman, swinging from a building and kicking Ironman, who shrugs it off after somersaulting through the air, only to be hit by a streak of red that proceeds to catch Mjolnir, then overwhelmed by the force of the hammer and coming to a stop to reveal an agonizing speedster. It would truly be amazing to see a conflict that could cause these two forces to go at each other’s necks and to see the extent to which each side would go.

4. The Silver Surfer

After the end credits of Fantastic Four 2, fans caught a glimpse of the Silver Surfer who had survived his assault on Galactus, the Destroyer of Worlds. There were talks of a movie being released that gave him his own origin story. However, this was all just planning, and the decision was ultimately based on whether the follow-up of Fantastic Four was well received.

The superhero movies we all want to see but probably never will

5. Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman

Although Wonder Woman 2017 was well-received by critics and the masses, it would have been nice to see directing superstar Joss Whedon’s take on Wonder Woman, who he depicts as a more naïve and immature Princess Diana.

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