Smart products that will help protect your lunch from food thieves

Food thieves are the worst kind of thieves. Not only do they steal your food, but they also steal your dreams. There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than going to the fridge on your lunch break, your mouth watering in anticipation of that delicious roast beef sandwich and double thick yogurt you’ve been dreaming of since you stepped into the office, only to find that someone has stolen it and eaten it for themselves. Below are some handy gadgets and devices that will keep your food safe and secure from any nefarious intentions.

The Fred E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) insulated food bag

Imagine opening the fridge and finding a small white cooler labeled “E.M.T” “Human Organ for transplant” in red. Most people would avoid said bag and skip on over to some other poor sod’s lunch and you would be able to enjoy your lunch in peace. Which is why the E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) lunch tote is the ideal tote. It is insulated and machine washable which makes it perfect for work or long roadtrips.

Smart products that will help protect your lunch from food thieves

Cockroach bag clips

Everybody’s favorite (or not-so-favorite) mealtime friend, the cockroach, can be your best buddy with these eerily realistic-looking roach shaped bag clips. Simply place these clips on your bag of crisps and voila! – not only are your crisps kept nice and fresh and crispy, but no one will even think of touching your food.

Forum Novelties Moldy Sandwich Bags

There are few things worse than moldy bread. It smells funny and looks disgusting. Which is why Forum Novelties Moldy Sandwich Bags are one of the best anti-theft devices around. These sandwich bags come pre-printed withe moldy designs which make their contents look like they have gone bad.

Fred ABC (Already Been Chewed) cookie cutters

We’ve all grown up learning not to eat already had-eaten food. Which is what makes these cookie-cutters so ingenious. In the set of three gingerbread man cutters, each has a bite mark shape on different parts of their bodies, making it look like someone has already started snacking and thereby deterring any would-be food thieves.

Cooluli portable mini-fridge

So you’re still struggling to prevent food thieves from stealing your soda and sandwich or yogurt from the communal fridge. With the Cooluli portable mini-fridge that can be a problem of the past. The mini fridge is small enough to fit on your desk and big enough to hold up to twelve cans of soda, making it the perfect item for those who struggle with food thieves. It can be plugged into a normal outlet or even a car d.c. outlet, making it perfect for travel, work and even at home.

Smart products that will help protect your lunch from food thieves

It’s Not Your Lunch Locking Lunch Bag from It’s Not Your Store

With this black lunch tote, you’re almost guaranteed a safe lunch. If the big “It’s Not Your Lunch” doesn’t scare away the food thieves, then the large metal double combination lock may just be able to help. The insulated, eight-inch tall bag keeps your food at the perfect temperature and can store quite a bit of food, plus that lock will keep your food nice and secure, making this the perfect thief-proof lunch tote.

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