The highest paid celebrities who are no longer with us

The highest paid celebrities who are no longer with us

There have been many celebrities who have come and gone from Hollywood, and it seems as though some have legacies that have gone down in history. They might be gone, but these celebs will certainly never be forgotten. In fact, they are still so popular that these fallen stars are still some of the highest paid celebrities – even though they are no longer with us. Life for these stars, it seems, is far from over…

[post_page_title]Muhammad Ali[/post_page_title]

It can take a special skill for these stars to make their name in sports, yet Muhammad Ali grew to become one of the most recognized faces on the planet thanks to his long and prosperous boxing career. Muhammad was just 18 years old when he took home his first gold medal. This was about to be the start of an incredible career in the ring.

Muhammad Ali

Even after he retired, Muhammad continued to inspire thousands of youngsters looking to make their own name in the boxing ring until septic shock tragically took his life in 2016. Before he passed away, the sports star had signed a contract with FOX Broadcasting meaning that his face could be used during their Super Bowl commercial. This alone earned Muhammad $8 million in 2018. He might be gone, but it looks as though Muhammad Ali’s name won’t be one to disappear anytime soon.

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