Reasons why people still love comic books

Several decades ago, you couldn’t love superheroes without being laughed at by the cool kids in school. The people who spent their time reading comic books were referred to as nerds and mocked for liking what others thought was childish. However, times have changed, and now it’s suddenly cool to be a fan of this stuff. Superhero movies are everywhere, and they keep breaking box office records, although people haven’t forgotten about the comics they originated from. They still hold a flame to these publications all these years later, but why?

Reasons why people still love comic books

They help with reading

We’re not sure if many schools consider comic books essential reading, but they really ought to. Children are naturally drawn to pictures, which is why so many of them spend their evenings flicking through the pages of a comic. The visual elements are engaging to younger minds, and as such, they end up reading more. Parents who want their kids to improve their literacy skills should support their interest in comic books. It could help their children get a grasp of the English language much quicker, and even help them in other areas too.

They inspire creativity

There’s no doubt that the people who work on Marvel and DC comic books are some of the most creative individuals out there. Not only do they produce compelling stories and beautifully drawn cartoons, but they do it day after day. It’s likely that many of these people were inspired by comics when they were younger because they’re such a creative outlet. They encourage you to use your imagination and think outside of the box, things that can definitely help a person in later life.

They’re nostalgic

While the assumption is that most people who read comic books are children, that’s not actually true. A large portion of the audience are adults, and there’s a good reason for that. Why do you think superhero films are so popular now? All the children who grew up reading comic books are old enough to go to the movies and watch their favorite characters on the big screen. It’s nostalgic seeing these heroes in action, so it inspires them to continue reading the comic books and keep the franchises alive.

They never end

If you start reading a series of novels, it’s likely you’ll go through each book until there aren’t anymore. You get hooked on the stories and want to know how the characters evolve and deal with each new situation they’re presented with. That’s why people went so crazy every time a new Harry Potter book was released. It’s exactly the same with comic books, except the stories have been ongoing for years. Given that some of these characters have been around for over 50 years, you’re never short of things to read.

Reasons why people still love comic books

They offer something for everyone

While most comic books feature superheroes, these publications do cover other genres too. Things like Scott Pilgrim and “The Walking Dead” are also in comic book form, and we’ve seen how popular both of these have been. There’s something for most people with this medium, and in many cases, they offer a new way for people to enjoy their favorite franchises and characters. So, why wouldn’t people want to read comic books still?

There’s no doubt that comic books deserve more respect than they get. However, while some people may continue to look down on them, they’re still loved by more readers than you might think.

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