Ranking every X-Men movie ever made

There are now an exceptional amount of X-Men movies out there, so we’re sticking to the movies that include everyone, well almost. What we’re saying is, as much as we know everyone loves Wolverine, his origins stories deserve their own ranking. However, the X-Men franchise worked its way from being one of Marvel’s least-loved stories to being a massive moneymaker.

X-Men: Apocalypse – 2016

Unfortunately, these movies seemed to have it brilliantly in the beginning, and have seemed to have forgotten what the formula is every film since. This movie was not very well received by fans, with many claiming that it’s an insult to some of the incredible acting talents that these movies have managed to snatch up. In fact, it’s so bad, critics have claimed it can be removed from the franchise, and no one would notice.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 2019

Only this year was the movie Dark Phoenix released. X-Men fans were anticipating this movie to somehow bring the X-Men back into the running. It was an exciting concept, and fans seem to love massive power plays. However, the writing did not ensure that fans were attached to this version of Jean Grey, not to mention that people have noticed many plot holes. Some of the deeper themes were not adequately explored, nor did the ending have the desired impact movie makers were hoping for.

Ranking every X-Men movie ever made

X-Men: The Last Stand – 2006

This was the final installation of the original trilogy. However, fans of the comics found it strange that one of the most popular stories within the X-Men universe was the Dark Phoenix Saga. However, despite Jean grey being the most powerful mutant, they show her being a side-weapon to Magneto’s plot. They do bring in some interesting themes, such as the mutant cure, and has some iconic scenes such as Wolverine having to end Jean Grey.

X-Men: First Class – 2011

It was pretty cool to see into the past of Charles Xavier and Magneto. Everyone knows that there is a whole lot of history between the two, but they never go into quite enough during the original trilogy. At least, they managed to make an entire movie, and it still wasn’t enough. It shows how the two do share an ideology, but unfortunately, their methods differ. We finish up with the X-Men having an uncertain future, especially where Raven aka Mystique is concerned.

X-Men: Days of Future Past – 2014

This movie brings together everything we’ve been watching. You start the movie with the good old characters and travel back in time to the younger versions of themselves. Of course, Wolverine is caught in the middle of trying to prevent Mystique from ending the life of a senator and starting a war that would end the mutants. It’s interesting, and the time travel is a bit confusing where the timelines are concerned, but ultimately fans approved.

X-Men – 2000

Where the fun all began. Released in the year 2000. This movie seemed to really set the record where serious superheroes were concerned, although they didn’t take themselves too seriously. However, it was the movie that made everyone fall in love with the X-Men, from the complex relationships to their formidable powers, people just couldn’t get enough.

Ranking every X-Men movie ever made

X-Men: United – 2003

It may be a little nostalgic to have X-Men 2 claiming the top spot, but it does set a precedent for other X-Men movies. They managed to build upon the first movie and make everything better. It also shows Charles Xavier, and Magneto united against one foe; Colonel Stryker. Stryker also causes a lot of problems in later movies and is connected to Wolverine’s previously elusive past.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the movies are getting any better as time goes on. Have they exhausted the X-Men storyline?



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