Ranking every Spiderman movie ever made

It can be a tough game trying to rank the Spider-Man movies as the franchise grows ever larger. Not especially since the more recent films seem to have fans captivated and in a renewed Spider-Man frenzy. However, while fans may be recently invigorated, there’s no denying that some movies are definitely better than others.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – 2014

Sometimes having a great movie doesn’t mean it has to have a lot going on. People couldn’t really keep up with the pace of this movie, and since the first one was mediocre at best, it didn’t have a lot of popularity to play with. Many were thrilled to see the franchise return but were left with a gap that still needed filling.


Spider-Man 3 – 2007

What seemed to start out as a fantastic franchise soon had fans groaning over the downright awkwardness of the writing. It seems people didn’t take kindly to the dark-haired version of Spider-Man and the antagonists that followed. It didn’t seem to be the build-up, grand finale that everyone wanted for their favorite superhero. However, it sure did end.

Ranking every Spiderman movie ever made

The Amazing Spider-Man – 2012

Despite special effects, graphics, and technology coming a long way, the movie didn’t seem to capture the essence of the Spider-Man that people wanted to see. Instead, the writing and production were weak, according to fans, without much coming from it. While Andrew Garfield seemed like a confident choice for this reboot, this Spidey didn’t do much swinging before long.


Spider-Man 2 – 2004

Thankfully, from here on is nothing but great movies. Spider-Man 2 brought forward Doc Oc, known as Octavius or Doctor Octopus. The balance of storyline to action worked in this movie and left fans desperate for more. It was a great sequel, which meant fans had high expectations for the third movie.


Spider-Man: Homecoming – 2017

This movie was the perfect example of how moviemakers had to take a step back from a character and rethink their strategy. Times had changed when it came to superhero movies, especially with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in full swing. Spider-Man: Homecoming was the perfect response to fans’ wishes. They got a believable inexperienced teenage boy, didn’t have to relive the tragedy of Uncle Ben. It wasn’t the best writing, and it didn’t have the best action scenes, but bringing together all the right elements made this movie fantastic.

Ranking every Spiderman movie ever made

Spider-Man – 2002

Since this was the first movie that would really kickstart Spider-Man’s fame, it’s got to be ranked higher than Homecoming. It had a good mixture of light humor amid some dark themes and introduced fans to their love of this very awkward character. It was also a great origins story, how could anyone deny that they wouldn’t do the same thing as Peter Parker? It’s definitely a great piece of Spider-Man history.


Spider-Man: Far From Home – 2019

If you haven’t seen the most recent Spider-Man movie, then look away now. This movie was a great follow on after everything we had seen Spider-Man go through. He is finding himself in what is a very different and confusing world. They brought in Mysterio, who is also a significant historical Spider-Man foe, although the take on him is very different. The movie allows the MCU to bridge the gap between Avengers: Endgame and whatever’s coming next.


Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse – 2018

Many fans have claimed that this is undeniably the best Spider-Man movie, hands down and without competition. It’s an animated version but isn’t beholden to anyone universe, which is kind of the point, and it works so well. They bring together a really different side to the Spider-Man story and, while it didn’t break box office records, it has maintained a seriously high opinion among fans.


It’s tough ranking such different movies, and invariably people will have their own favorites when it comes to this superhero.




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