Pros and cons of technology

Life in the twenty first century is largely defined by all the technological advancements that surround us in every aspect of our lives. Technology is here because we need it and for the most part, it has made life much simpler and many things convenient. Like every other good thing however, too much reliance on technology has undesirable effects that do not work in our favor.
Technology has many pros but with them come several cons, most inspired by the means in which one chooses to use it. Let’s have a look at both sides here and how they affect our lives.

Pros and cons of technology

Staying in Touch is Easier Than Ever

Telecommunication is a big part of technology. It has gotten better with the years as more convenient communication devices get manufactured year in year out. Smartphones and PCs are more accessible and affordable than ever. Social media platforms enable friends and loved ones to keep in touch even over great distances, and in real time. This has also helped a lot in the world of business.

Cultural Awareness

The internet has made it easier for people across the world to understand ways of lives in different places and become more tolerant. With integration between different continents and people from all walks of life getting easier also thanks to technology, the internet is an ideal place to interact and get new perspectives that allows for better coexistence.

Efficient Movement

Modern methods of transport such as roads, railway and air travel have been enabled through technology, with further advancements and inventions making them more efficient as time goes by. Moving from one city to the next, one country to the next and even crossing oceans to other continents is simple as ever.

Better Medical Services

Advancements in the medical field have made many ailments preventable and curable compared to before. Life spans have extended as a result of this and the quality of life has improved tremendously.

Pros and cons of technology

Dysfunctional Personal Relationships

People nowadays are too invested in their technological devices to pay much attention to those around them. The bonding that existed between families and friends is rare to find in modern times as people put more effort in showing off and keeping up with glamorous appearances on social media.

Erosion of Moral Values

On the internet everything goes and there’s content of every kind available to whoever is able to access it. A lot of this has provided channels which encourage erosion of morals that help uphold certain socially acceptable principles. Some of this corrupts young kids and introduces them to harmful lifestyles without the knowledge of the adults in their lives.

Cyber Bullying

In some cases, the internet is not a safe place to be. Some people take it to be a chance to inject as much negativity in other people’s lives as they can. Different kinds of shaming and attacks can lead to serious mental health ailments.

Technology clearly has a lot of good to offer, and most of the cons can be avoided through good use of it.

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