The most popular Star Wars costumes

Halloween gained “A New Hope” when the first Star Wars movie hit the scene in 1977. There have been many opportunities to dress up as a classic Star Wars character since the very beginning, including the likes of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and all the rest. Today, Star Wars has grown to become a great resource for all types of cool Halloween costumes for men and women.

Star Wars has always been known for its many memorable characters comprising of unique alien species and fearsome fighters. Since the franchise now consists of three trilogies with lots of characters, you now have a ridiculous amount of Halloween costume ideas to choose from. Below, we’ve narrowed down these costume options to the most popular Star Wars costumes available.

Captain Phasma deluxe costume

We still have no idea whether or not the chrome-plated Captain Phasma will appear in the next instalment of Star Wars. Either way, her shimmering battle armor is one of the coolest variations on the classic stormtrooper to date.

The costume comprises a full body flying suit with a belt and foam armor details. It also highlights a two-piece helmet complete with a cape. There’s a small prop plaster designed to accompany the costume, but it’s often sold separately. It isn’t a must, though. There’s nothing wrong without it because even the best of a stormtrooper has some pretty lousy ambition.

Star Wars Finn jacket

Although Finn (formally FN-2187) is still new to the Resistance side, he might as well be the newest savior the galaxy has been waiting for. It’s relatively easy to craft Finn’s outfit as it’s all about his iconic jacket, which Poe Dameron gave him. The replica jacket is made with accurate details from the big screen, although it’s a bit costly.

The replica jacket is made out of high-quality leather material, and a handful of pockets have been added to the jacket to make it useful for everyday wear. You can complete the rest of the ensemble with your typical wardrobe, aside from his blaster and shoulder strap. If you want to complete the outfit for Halloween, it’s recommended to buy an off-color blaster to avoid being confused for a real blaster.

Poe Dameron jumpsuit costume

Starfighter pilot Poe Dameron has some rugged good looks, and brings with him some natural charisma to the Resistance forces. You’re free to go with a simple wig if you don’t have Poe’s naturally gorgeous dark coif.

Note, however, that his iconic Rebel starfighter jumpsuit is irreplaceable, since it’s the main piece of the costume. You can use cotton and polyester to fabricate the cosplay-quality outfit or make an order for a custom fit.

Jabba the Hutt inflatable costume

Hutts are notorious for being crime lords, and are known for being ruthless and ugly. The best known Star Wars Hutt thus far is Jabba the Hutt, which is why wearing this splendid inflatable Jabba costume is so eye-catching.

There’s a small battery operated fan that inflates the costume, making for a hands down entertaining and comfortable costume. It balloons out in order to bring you close to the Hutt size. Don’t worry – it won’t make you look as ugly as Jabba does in the film’s remastered edition.

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