These people’s photos show their genes basically hit copy-paste

It is completely normal and natural for kids to look like their parents, and sometimes a lot like them. It is pretty common for people to look at children and tell them that they have their Dad’s nose, or their Mom’s eyes, or Grandma’s mouth. Sometimes, people even exaggerate just how much kids look like their parents, just as a formality! However, some parents have seriously transferred their DNA over to their children, and it can almost look as though they have copied and pasted their features onto them. The way DNA works is pretty incredible, with sometimes one parent looking as though they are unrelated to their child and the other parent looks as though they have created a miniature clone for themselves. Here are some pictures of children who bear an uncanny resemblance to their parents, with some grandchild/ grandparent comparisons also thrown into the mix. DNA and genetics are truly amazing!

[post_page_title]A cool inheritance[/post_page_title]

This young girl has a hereditary gap in her left eyebrow – the exact same as the one that is seen in the portrait of her great great grandfather. It is even on the same eyebrow!

A cool inheritance

She says her Dad has also inherited this feature, and it does not always show, as her eyebrows sometimes are grown long enough to cover the gap. This girl also says that people have asked her if she shaved this line into her eyebrow to be ‘cool.’ Little do they know, this coolness was inherited.

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