People share the crazy and funny things they’re up to while in quarantine

We’re going to say something, and we sincerely hope no one finds it too controversial – the whole COVID-19 thing is kind of a bummer. Hey, we speak our truth. As a result, all over the country people are under quarantine. Some alone, some with significant others, and some – God help them – with their kids. As far as coping strategies go, well… You’ll see. Let’s just say that some people are handling it better than others.

[post_page_title]That guy has so much synergy[/post_page_title]

While quarantining is terrible and we can’t wait for it to end, it has been something of an eye-opening experience. How so? Well, some people have been sent to work from home. This has given couples the unique opportunity of seeing what their loved ones are like in work mode.



It’s not always a pleasant revelation. This woman, for example, discovered her hubby was a “let’s circle back to that” kind of guy. Ugh. Well, at least he didn’t suggest to “synergistically visualize real-time infrastructures.” That’d be grounds for divorce.

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