Hilarious instances of people being way too oblivious to their own mistakes

[post_page_title]Gown in sixty seconds[/post_page_title]

You should, by all means, make “pull focus” your mantra when dressing for an event – even if it’s not your event. But you should also take care to ensure that you’re pulling focus for the reasons you want to. Dressed in an eye-catching gown this young woman certainly had eyes on her, but not because of her outfit.

Gown in sixty seconds

What was really drawing people’s attention was the small matter of her dress being trapped in the spokes of a car wheel. A simple glance around might have helped to avoid such an embarrassing slip up – unfortunately, the young woman/impromptu hubcap focused on applying her make-up. Luckily, before the car left someone was able to remove her dress from the wheel – and prevent her misstep from becoming a much more painful and humiliating moment.

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