People were asked to ruin a movie title with one word and it’s hilarious

Although many movies start out with different titles, it is hard to imagine the most famous and classic films of our time with titles other than the ones we know and love today. How weird would it have been if Pretty Woman was called its original title, 3,000? And what if Back to the Future was given the title Spaceman from Pluto, as was suggested at the time.

Thankfully, everything worked out for these movies in the end, and it is hard to picture them being called anything else. However, what if we had to add just one word to a movie title? Would it really make a difference? Would it make it better, or perhaps completely change the storyline altogether.

It turns out, ruining an entire movie with just one word is easier than we thought. At least these clever Twitter users found a way to do so – and the results are pretty hilarious.

[post_page_title]Almost Instafamous[/post_page_title]

Almost Famous was definitely one of the coolest films of 2000. Almost Instagram Famous, on the other hand, would have been a very different movie.

Almost Instafamous

However, we guess that if they ever want to do a remake that takes place in the year 2020 instead of the ’70s, it might actually work. All you would need to do is replace the long-haired rock stars with Instagram models and we have a hit on our hands.

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