Why moving to a new place is so much harder for geeks

No matter who you are, moving house is a considerable effort. You have to pack up everything you own and transfer it to a new place which may or may not be as big as where you live already. This always takes much longer than expected, especially because you tend to come across stuff you forgot existed. However, it’s usually even worse if you’re a geek.

Collectibles galore

Although everyone who identifies as a geek is different, there are definitely some traits that many of these people seem to share. One of these is the tendency to collect toys and memorabilia from their favorite movies and films. Whether they have a load of Pokémon plushies, Star Wars lego sets, or Doctor Who DVDs, they all take up a lot of space. Now, imagine trying to move all of that from one house to another.

At best, you’re talking about having to pack a few extra boxes of stuff. However, for most geeks, things aren’t that easy. They have so many precious possessions to ship off to the new place that they need a whole van just for their memorabilia. It makes the moving process even more exhausting.

Why moving to a new place is so much harder for geeks

Handle with care

When it comes to geek merchandise, some things are more fragile than others. Stuffed toys and action figures aren’t too much of a concern, and they can easily be tossed in a box. However, if you’re someone that collects framed posters or lego, things are a little more complicated. The possessions risk getting damaged in transit, and that’s not something you want if you’re dealing with rare items.

A lot of thought has to be put into how things are packaged to ensure they arrive in the same condition that they left in. All those frames have to be covered in bubble wrap and arranged neatly to ensure the glass doesn’t get smashed. Likewise, Lego sets have to be carefully arranged in boxes to ensure they don’t fall apart. The last thing anyone wants is to spend hours rebuilding their Lego masterpieces when they move house.

Why moving to a new place is so much harder for geeks

Nothing to trash

When people move, they usually take the time to sort through their possessions and get rid of a lot of them. Over the years, you accumulate plenty of things you don’t need, and moving out is the perfect time to throw all that away. At least, it is if you’re not a geek.

For those who consider themselves very passionate about things like sci-fi films and tabletop games, there isn’t much they view as junk. Not when it comes to their geek memorabilia anyway. Most of them don’t look at old lego sets or action figures from decades ago and see things they don’t need anymore. These are all fragments of the past that mean something to them, so sticking them in the trash isn’t an option. Unfortunately, that just means they have more stuff to pack up and move with them to the new house.

There are plenty of geeks out there who don’t find moving to a new place any more stressful than the average person. However, that’s not the case for all of them. Some have to deal with all these issues and more when they finally pack up and go somewhere new. It’s not a hassle that they enjoy, but sometimes these things just can’t be helped.

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