How to move playlists between music streaming services

Thankfully, transferring playlists isn’t that tough, as many of the subscription services and apps have systems built in that make sharing easy. However, not many people know about it or feel it is particularly straightforward because they don’t know how to do it. It can be so frustrating having been a subscriber to one service for a number of years only to move across to a different one and be left with none of your personal playlists that you have built over time.


A variety of choices

Over time, there have been more and more music subscription services popping up here and there. It means there are loads to choose from, making it tough deciding on which one would be the best. So sometimes we like to change our mind, either deciding that the variety is better on another service, or perhaps you feel you’re getting a better deal. However, what do you do about all those playlists you have created over the years? In many ways, a playlist represents someone at a certain time and place, and can even become nostalgic. So, how do we move our music subscriptions over without losing everything and starting from the beginning?

How to move playlists between music streaming services


Choose your device

There are a number of ways to change, you can choose to do this on your desktop or cell phone. Since most people want to do most things off of their phone, including listening to music, we’ll be explaining how that works. If you then head to the ‘Tune My Music’ website, you can get started.


Choosing the platform

Every platform will give you the ability to share your playlist. For example, if you find the drop-down menu, somewhere it will say about copying a shareable link. You want to make sure you have copied this link ready for the next step. Once you’re on the ‘Tune My Music’ website, you can then select the music platform your playlist is currently on. You will then paste your link inside the instruction.


Picking your tracks

After you have done this, it should then pull up all of the tracks inside your playlist. Check your music and then scroll down to the bottom and click, or tap on ‘Select destination’. Hopefully, you already know where you want to send your music, so that should be reasonably straightforward. Choose the destination, log in to the service you have selected, and go through the motions. After that, there should be a button that simply says ‘Start moving my music’.

How to move playlists between music streaming services


That’s all it takes

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to move your music. It’s far quicker and more streamlined than going in and out of your playlists and attempting to recreate them. That’s just messy business you don’t want to get caught up in. Now you will always know how to move your playlists over, keeping those blessed memories and moments with you no matter which subscription service you have chosen. It makes the decision to move so much easier, freeing you up to decide which platform you prefer without worrying about losing anything.


Not enough people know how to transfer their music over, but thankfully there is plenty around to help make these processes much easier. Trust us, if there’s a problem, someone somewhere will know how to solve it, even if it’s moving your playlists over. Enjoy!


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