Marvel villains who we actually empathize with

Every superhero has an arch enemy who is always making plans to destroy them and the people they protect. The Marvel Comic Universe does not fall short of such villains. Their drives are usually revealed in the comics and the big screen as well.

Some Marvel villains are downright evil, whereas some we can actually connect with how they feel. Here is a list of Marvel villains who you can empathize with.


Magneto is one of the most notable villains from the X-men. He is a mutant with the power to control metal using his mind. When he was young, Magneto was imprisoned and witnessed both his mother and father die. This experience and torture changed him, and he became the villain we know to this day as Magneto.

Marvel villains who we actually empathize with

He decided to wage war on mankind for treating mutants as outcasts. His acts are not purely evil – he just wants to protect his fellow mutants. We can empathize with his pain and torment, even if he is the bad guy. He has also at times worked with the X-men to save the world from bigger threats.


Venom is a well known foe of Spider-Man. He is a parasite from an alien race known as Symbiotes. Symbiotes need a host to fully manifest themselves and are able to manipulate the host to do unspeakable things. Spider-Man was once a host for Venom, but after realizing how evil he was, he managed to get rid of it. The symbiote then managed to make contact with a new host by the name Eddie Brock, who was at that time a reporter and photographer for the Daily Bugle. Eddie Brock’s animosity towards Peter Parker, coupled with the influence of the symbiote, led him to pursue Peter Parker and try to kill him.

We should however, take into consideration that Venom is both the symbiote and Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock was actually a good guy but was greatly influenced by Venom. We have also seen Eddie Brock’s Venom appear in the comics as an anti-hero.


Killmonger is an enemy of the Black Panther. Killmonger lost his father when he was still a young boy, and had to grow up with no family. He always felt abandoned by his people from Wakanda. Wakanda is the most advanced place on earth with technology that other places can only dream of. The source of their wealth and power is Vibranium. To the rest of the world, Wakanda is a myth. Killmonger, driven by anger about being abandoned and the oppression he faced as well, made a plan to claim the Wakandan throne and show the world the Power of Wakanda.

Marvel villains who we actually empathize with


Galactus is perhaps one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe. He has the power to consume entire planets. His size alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the strongest of heroes. The planets he consumes sustains him. Galactus does not consume planets just for fun or power – he has an endless hunger that can only be satisfied by feeding on planets. He is a compassionate person and usually sends his heralds to search for planets which are uninhabited so he can feed on them. We should also know that if Galactus was to die, a far more evil villain by the name Abraxas will be free to destroy the universe.

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